Green Marketing

For many companies Green Marketing is a trend that will runs its course. They paint a green gloss over the same-old empty corporate responsibility programs, but every Green sponsorship, media and marketing program from Lewis Brand Solutions is a practical strategy that yields tangible, greening.

The Atlantic Cup

The First-Ever Carbon Neutral Sailing Race, May 2012

Atlantic252520Cup2525202012LBS is selling sponsorships and developing partnerships for the 2nd Annual Atlantic Cup, the first-ever carbon neutral sailing race. Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Patron Tequila signed on in early March as our lead sponsors! “Wait, sailing is inherently green”, you say! The boats are powered by the wind! Well, that’s true, but they also use lots of electricity (satellites, telemetry, cooking). And so each Class 40 boat (world class, America’s Cup-style) is retrofitted with on-board biomass power generation. All net emissions will be offset through Sailors For The Sea, the sailing-based non-profit dedicated to the promotion of clean oceans. To learn more, including how you can see the Atlantic Cup, click here.

Green Mountain Energy

green-mountain-logoLBS is helping Green Mountain Energy (GMEC), the leader in supplying electricity generated from renewables, to increase its business among residential and commercial customers in New York City. On the residential side, LBS developed the Apartment Community Program, a partnership with property management companies like Archstone, Post and Adellco (and its flagship building, The Elektra) to offer tenants significant incentives to choose GMEC as their supplier. In 2011, 80% of new tenants in participating buildings chose GMEC!

Regarding commercial, LBS has evangelized and sold GMEC’s clean energy to small and medium sized businesses and non-profits. These include Cort Furniture Rental, Securitech and the Horticultural Society of New York have signed on. Check out my blog to see the latest on our efforts to bring in NYC businesses to the GMEC tent.