Whether the goal is expanding the audience for classical music or generating sponsorships for the Star Trek tour, marketing arts and entertainment is about connecting with the excitement of fans.

Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tanglewood

LBS created and managed innovative marketing programs designed to bring new audiences to Tanglewoodthe Boston Symphony Orchestra’s idyllic home in the Berkshires.

Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass gave music lovers access to an immersive, insider’s point-of-view of Tanglewood.  LBS provided a harmonious mix of program development, marketing and management on site for three seasons (2009-2011).  Over those three years, over 500 people enjoyed the best VIP treatment the BSO has to offer.  Check out details from Backstage Pass here and here.  Backstage Pass is on hiatus for 2012 as Tanglewood is celebrating its 75th anniversary and thus tickets are tight.  If you want to go to Tanglewood this summer, buy your tickets now!


LBS conceived, developed and managed Entanglements. This innovative program brought a younger audience to Tanglewood, the long-time summer home of the BSO. Entanglements connected classical music to romance and summer fun, partnering with singles groups, alumni clubs, wine tasting associations and more in order to raise awareness of Tanglewood outside customary BSO circles. Over 4 years, Entanglements brought over 800 people to Tanglewood.

The way we communicate has forever changed–and will continue to do so at warp speed—with the advent of social media.  I’m intrigued by this phenomenon in a couple of ways: 

  1. Since the social media landscape is constantly changing, it will force marketers to constantly learn.  This is a good thing.  
  2. Social Media’s viral nature can be a force for good, both in terms of for-profit and cause-related endeavors.  LBS will be in “constant learning mode” and will thus deliver value to brands and non-profits alike in the social media arena.

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